Mikaya talking about the meaning of peace

From YouTube:

Author Mikaya Heart (www.mikayaheart.org) talks about the experiences that led her to choose a lifestyle where she is motivated by trust, rather than by fear: how she met the vast, all-powerful being who is her higher self; how she faced death, and understood about being in a place of joy; how she entered a state of oneness and found inner peace. Her memoir, My Sweet Wild Dance, tells the full story of the adventures she went through to get here.

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  1. Sidonie Grace says:

    Wow!!! I’m toatally blown away!… Your words went right through me, can’t tell you how powerfully. I feel awfully blessed to have come across you today. No wonder it’s said that eyes are the doorway to the soul, (something along these lines) something even greater, obviously…

    I remain confident our paths will cross again some time as I long to meet you, it’s beyond my wildest “imagination”!

    Wishing you many blessings on your amzing journey.

    In joy, light, love, peace and gratitude.

    Sidonie Grace

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