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mikky photo“Mikaya Heart’s shamanic journeys have changed my life.” Erica, journeyer, San Francisco.

All my work and my writing is about inspiring my clients to think outside the box, to expand horizons and operate from a place of trust. I believe our potential is truly incredible.


Here are some videos of me doing my thing:

The choices we make prior to incarnation

The meaning of that word, love

Peace is an inside job

 Life, Lies, and Sex: a User’s Guide to Being in a Body, is a book about climbing out of the box that most of us were put in when we were still very young. It provides some answers to questions like, What are we doing on this planet? What is it all for? Where do we fit? Things are changing very fast on this planet. Often we don’t know where to turn or how to make the necessary changes to keep up with the world around us.  This book helps people to develop a much broader understanding of the nature of reality, and how we humans might most easily and comfortably fit into it.

You can order it here. Or you can order it from your local bookstore.

Here are a couple of testimonials:

“Mikaya Heart leaves no stone unturned as she explores what it means to live, feel, believe and pleasure in this human form. Life, Lies, and Sex is a courageous look at the big questions we all innately desire to ask. Sit back and enjoy as you take a personal journey of life’s handbook where you are sure to find a message written just for you.” Jean Slatter, author of Hiring the Heavens.

“Mikaya Heart has done it again. She has engaged a quantity of tricky, esoteric subjects (life, lies, and sex) and speaking from the Heart words of truth with brilliant, yet simple clarity, enables readers to embrace truths of their own.” Dayana Jon Patterson, Senior Minister of Holistic Health, Matrix Energetics Practitioner, Laughter Yoga Teacher, and Spiritual Mentor.

I’m really excited about this book, but let’s get on with the regular website stuff:

As an ordained Minister of Holistic Healing, I organize all kinds of ceremonies. So, if you want someone to set up a sacred space for a wedding, a memorial service, a coming-of-age ceremony, welcoming a newborn into the world, or just to celebrate life and help to make changes, please contact me! I am happy to go where I need to go as long as my travel costs are covered.

My ability to do this kind of work stems from my willingness to be absolutely present on every level. I’ve been studying the nature of reality from many angles since I was very young; my writing and my teaching reflect what I have learned. That can be summed up very simply: we need to develop trust in the nature of reality. As Byron Katie says, “Everything happens for us, not to us.” When we approach life with the openness that is enabled by being in a place of trust, we find that an infinite array of possibilities is available to us, and an infinite source of guidance waiting to assist us. I help people to access that guidance by leading ceremonial and ritual circles. The key tool in my teaching is the journey of consciousness, which is an opportunity to get in touch with what I call the vastness of being: that 98% of reality that is unseen and contains vast potential. Most people experience a deep sense of peace and relaxation when they open to that, even if they have no words for it. This sense of peace (which might also be called love, beauty or joy) exists beyond duality, and when we can bring it into our lives on a daily basis, life is pretty awesome.

I frequently lead journeys of consciousness in northern California and Hawaii.. Check my upcoming events or email me in case I have forgotten to put them up there . . . . I am also finding that journeys of consciousness can work well on-line so I am occasionally scheduling them over the Internet.

I love being able to facilitate the experience of being fully alive for others. It is the work I was born to do. Please contact me if you want to host a journey or another workshop in in your area.


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