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Be the Light that-you-are

A workshop with Mikaya Heart

Are you negatively affected by electro-magnetic frequencies?  Are you suffering from allergies or auto-immune diseases? Are you very emotional and “over” sensitive? Or do you just feel like you are standing on shaky ground right now and everything seems to be really tricky? Well, join the gang. This is often referred to as Awakening, or Ascension; it is a totally new paradigm. We are in the Time of the Great Change, when we must follow our own inner wisdom, trusting in what we individually know to be true, no matter what anyone else is saying. That is often easier said than done, since many humans walk around in a fog of lies and uncertainty.

The Truth is that you are a very powerful Soul choosing now to incarnate in order to learn what it’s like to be in form. When you really grasp that, things change. You can adjust the electro-magnetic grid of your body so that it maintains its integrity no matter what is going on around you. It is possible to adapt the electromagnetic grid that-you-are in many different ways, with remarkable results.

This workshop involves a series of guided visualizations where you will visit some of the different dimensions that you have passed through in the process of incarnation. You will meet with other Souls whom you know on this planet in this lifetime, which is an experience that will enable you to drop into a very broad and unjudgmental perspective on everyday reality.

In order to participate, you must be willing to do the necessary work/play to let go of limiting beliefs and emotions that no longer serve you. That is a daily moment-to-moment practice. It won’t take much time out of your day but it is a commitment. You must choose to be the Light that you are, and be lighthearted every day. There is no place for opposition in the new paradigm, so you must give up all forms of fighting, whether it is for or against something.

Every Saturday, for one month starting 1/23/21, we will meet for 3 hours. You will be given homework during the week. There will be a private forum for everyone to share their process as they do the homework, since this process of change is much easier when you are not trying to do it alone. Mikaya will answer questions by email if there is something you don’t want to share on the forum, and you can have a private session with her any time you feel the need. There will be some people joining the workshop via Zoom, but most of us can meet in person on the Big Island of Hawaii.

This workshop will be made available to a large audience in the longterm. However, since this is the first rendition, it’s being offered for 60.00 for the month. There will be an opportunity for follow-up workshops once you have completed this one.

email Mikaya to book your place. Please say something about who you are and why you want to do this course. Thank you!

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