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“Mikaya Heart is a powerful agent for change.”  Dianna Seagiver, Women’s Empowerment Coach.

As a coach in the art of being fully alive, I guide you to let universal energy  move through you, so that you freely connect with the soul that chose to manifest YOU here and now, with your unique original gifts, and with your life purpose. Gain clarity and get in touch with the truth of the soul-you-really-are, and the intentions you had when you were born into this body.

My intention is always to empower you to become aware of the vast potential that is available to you as a human being. Free yourself from society’s negative influences, and get what you choose and choose what you get—the basis of the art of manifestation. I can help you to identify the mistakes that most people make when they are trying to manifest something new. We are all capable of manifesting–that’s how we are here in bodies, with food on the table and shelter over our heads. We just need to figure out how to do it consciously and in alignment with the souls’ desires.

My extraordinary awakening experiences have imbued me with a radical wisdom that wants to be shared with the world. My ability to converge with your energy on a deep level stems from my willingness to be absolutely present in complete integrity. I have spent my life studying the nature of reality from many angles, and that enables me to help others to tap into with their own personal wisdom and to speak their personal truth. Everyone has access to an inner guidance that is with them always once they are open to it.

Be fully alive! Let’s schedule a telephone chat to connect and share thoughts :). Please let me know your preferred DAY & TIME. Kindly include your CELL and time zone too.

To Being Fully Alive,

Mikaya Heart

Cell or Text: 707-513-6106, or email me

“Yes, I have a daily spiritual practice. It takes a lot of focus and concentration. It’s called being fully human.”

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