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Click to access some of my articles. All my writing–which is frequently called inspiring and empowering–is about enabling the reader to adopt a broader perspective on reality. You can buy my books and get PDF downloads of them at the Spiritual Bistro.  (Discounts and freebies are also available there).

My most recent book is Life, Lies, and Sex: A User’s Guide to Being in a Body. Having trouble working out who you are supposed to be and how to access joy on this planet we call Earth? Read this book. It is an expose of the many lies we have been told for centuries, and a straightforward examination of the true nature of reality with a view to understanding how we humans might most easily fit into it.

My Sweet Wild Dance is the story of my personal journey from anger to joy, and it has been described in Edge Magazine as “soul refreshment of the highest order.” It won a Golden Crown Literary Award. If you think I am an interesting person, you’ll love that book. It’s an adventure story.

The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women from Cleis Press, is about learning how to utilize flows of energy through the body. Allowing energy to flow freely is the basis of the art of manifestation, and sex is a very delightful way to learn how to do that. This is the book to buy if you want very specific information about women and orgasm.

And With the Sun in My Eyes, which is the true story of a shamanic practitioner from Seattle, can be bought here. This book is a fascinating examination of what it means to be psychic and how psychic healing actually occurs.

My next book is A Different Rhythm, the first in a series about the various adventures I have had while traveling around the world. It’s due out in 2015. Click here for a preview.

I’m also working on a book about an English commune where I lived in my twenties, which I am writing with one of the men who lived there at the same time period. That period of my life really opened me to the possibilities of living life in a truly loving way. I feel like that is when I began to grow up.

Sex is an unparalleled opportunity for allowing life-force to flow through us, which enables us to experience ecstasy in our daily lives.

I started studying shamanism in the eighties, and have come to understand that sex is a very shamanic activity, in the sense that it is all about allowing energy to flow through us. That is what leading a full life and being oneself without apology is all about. From a young age, most of us try to block flows of energy so that we don’t get “carried away;” so that we will fit in, do the right thing, and be good people. Sex is the easiest arena in which to learn to let go into an energy flow, and allowing that energy to flow without resistance is what we experience as an orgasm. We can have the same experiences in our daily life. I have written a series of articles explaining how and why, which have been published in venues such as and Kissed By Venus.

I am offering workshops all over the world, specifically on orgasm and more generally on how we take what we learn from the experience of orgasm and apply it to our daily lives. Yes, we can learn to live in a state of bliss, delight, and joy. It’s a matter of letting energy flow through us freely, which is not always as easy as it sounds. Click on the workshops tab above for more info.


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