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Life, Lies and Sex: A User’s Guide to Being in a Body is now available!!  This is the most important book I have yet written. Click on the cover above to go ahead and buy the book.

Are you ready to wake up? Do you have the courage to be absolutely honest with yourself as well as with others? Do you want to become an expert in the art of manifestation?

Allowing energy to move through us, which is what we can learn from sexual desire, is the basis of the art of being fully alive. Are you ready to take that on? Are you willing to embrace the magnificence of the formless consciousness that is creating you in this body right now?

This is a book about love: how to develop unconditional love every moment of the day in every aspect of your life. Learn how to:

~operate from a place of trust instead of fear

~get in touch with the vast unseen reality that is all around us

~connect with your life’s purpose and your own original gifts

~free yourself from society’s negative influences

~appreciate and delight in the experience of this physical world

~get what you choose and choose what you get, which is the art of manifestation.

“Mikaya Heart leaves no stone unturned as she explores what it means to live, feel, believe and pleasure in this human form. Life, Lies, and Sex is a courageous look at the big questions we all innately desire to ask. Sit back and enjoy as you take a personal journey of life’s handbook where you are sure to find a message written just for you.” Jean Slatter, author of Hiring the Heavens.

“Mikaya Heart has done it again. She has engaged a quantity of tricky, esoteric subjects (life, lies, and sex) and speaking from the Heart words of truth with brilliant, yet simple clarity, enables readers to embrace truths of their own.” Dayana Jon Patterson, Senior Minister of Holistic Health, Matrix Energetics Practitioner, Laughter Yoga Teacher, and Spiritual Mentor.

  Product DetailsAnd the second edition of With the Sun in My Eyes: the true story of Maria Raindancer, shamanic worker and psychic reader is also out. Click on the picture above to buy this one. It’s a great adventure story — you don’t have to believe in psychics to enjoy reading about the amazing life Maria leads. Also available as an ebook! This is the inspiring true story of a remarkable healer, providing an in-depth look into how she works with energy, exactly what she sees, and how she interprets her visions. In an intimate and conversational style, Ms. Heart weaves together many exciting stories she gathered from comprehensive interviews with Maria, her family, friends, and clients. The reader is left with a breathtaking awareness of the depth of Maria’s ongoing relationship to spirit. Be prepared for an engaging read, as Maria battles demons and century-long familial curses; exorcises tenacious and often evil energies; removes dead entities which are still haunting the living; and acts as a go-between enabling dead people to talk with their still living families. She follows the constant instructions of spirit to the letter and never works without her intrepid power animals, Leopard and Raven.

Born with exceptional gifts, Maria trained from the age of fourteen with a Cheyenne teacher. She now does energy clearings, soul retrievals, psychic readings, extractions, and house blessings on a daily basis. The steps involved in her work are described in detail, from Maria’s point of view as well as the client’s. This is a holistic perspective on the life of a healer who works outside the physical arena, achieving remarkable results in realms unknown to most of us.

Here is what Brooke Medicine Eagle (author of  Buffalo Woman Comes Singing) has to say about it: “This is an interesting and illuminating book about a powerful healer of great integirty. You will learn and grow through reading it.”

My Sweet Wild Dance, ISBN: 978-160844-070-2, which came out in September 2009 and won a Golden Crown Literary Award, is the story of my personal journey from anger to joy. It’s about the dawning of self-awareness–that is, the long, sometimes agonizing, sometimes terrifying, and always remarkable process of growing up. It was described as ‘soul-refreshment of the highest order’ by Edge Magazine. Buy it on amazon, or for your Kindle or E-reader. Read reviews, plus more, here…

The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women, ISBN: 978-1573447119, written by Mikaya Heart, with a foreword by Violet Blue. Published by Cleis Press, due out in August. Order on This book was first published as When the Earth Moves: Women and Orgasm in 1998 by Celestial Arts. It is an excellent and very readable examination of women’s amazing sexual potential. If you think your sexual responses are weird, read this book, and you’ll begin to see that the concept of normality is a myth. I perceive sex as a wonderful opportunity to experience the ecstasy of one-ness, but many people find it very difficult to let go into the fullness of their sexual desire. Or to put it another way, humans seem to be really messed up around sex. I haven’t written any more books on sex because I am not the kind of person who deals well with a lot of messed-up-ness.

A Different Rhythm is the first volume of my travel stories. (I have led a very adventurous life.) I expect it to be available by the end of the year.

You might think that it’s a blessing to be able to write well and easily, but at times I feel that it’s a curse, because I can’t stop writing – the words build up in my head faster than I can get them on paper, and start to make me feel crazy, so that I have to distract myself. I’ve found that singing helps to relieve the sense of overwhelm. Click here if you would like email updates on the availability of my books.

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