My Sweet Wild Dance

My Sweet Wild Dance, ISBN: 978-160844-070-2, which came out in September 2009 and won a Golden Crown Literary Award, is the story of my personal journey from anger to joy. It’s about the dawning of self-awareness–that is, the long, sometimes agonizing, sometimes terrifying, and always remarkable process of growing up. It’s also an adventure story. (I have always been an adventurous person).

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Here are a few reviews:

An empowered tapestry to greater understandings in truth and beauty and love, this book was an honor to read. Thank you!
– Lisa Porter, Texas

Her journey to find herself is truly inspiring and this … adventure will help other young women rise up to find who they truly are when society’s glove doesn’t fit. “My Sweet Wild Dance” is a fun and uplifting read, recommended.
– Midwest Book Review

I highly recommend this book as a wonderful example of self-reflection, keen observations about humanity and as an example of great personal courage and openness in an otherwise overwhelmingly close-minded world.
– Pat Steuer, California

Once I picked it up, I could not put this book down. I found so much that I related to … thoughts and experiences that I never really put into words that Mikaya Heart has captured beautifully. I highly recommend this transformative story. Delightful!
– Gigi Gleason, San Francisco

Her words come through with truth and `ruthless’ honesty, with a wry sense of humour which makes this book accessible and believable, and impossible to put down. Thank you… you have reached my soul.
– Anne Sears, Wales

A wonderfully courageous life story told in a free-flowing style that is easy to read. Mikaya’s character, Chris, is someone worth knowing and whose journey from anger to joy is an inspiration. This book is a gift.
– Agnes Dean

This is another great book by Mikaya Heart. Her writing is always an effortless read and the personal history that goes into this book is amazing. If you want to take a journey inside the life of a very amazing woman who has followed an unusual and brave path, I highly recommend “My Sweet Wild Dance”.
– Shay Stone, California

Mikaya Heart’s autobiographical My Sweet Wild Dance is soul-refreshment of the highest order.
– M.M. Adjarian, Edge Magazine, New York

My Sweet Wild Dance is a record of both simple and extraordinary spiritual experiences that should leave all but the most cynical of readers uplifted.
– Rachel Muenz, Donna Magazine

Raw with honesty. Alternately funny, anger-provoking, sad and outrageous. Convincing dialogue, both spoken and internal. So much light and shade, a self-examination with no holds barred – hard on herself as well as on others.
– David White, PhD, Scotland

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