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Mikaya Heart is an award-winning author and a spiritual mentor. Her principal tool is the shamanic journey, which enables us to get in touch with that 98% of reality which is unseen and contains vast potential. Her intention is always to empower the individual, teaching people how to access their own personal inner wisdom and the guidance that is available to all of us. She helps people to free themselves from negative influences and learn how to operate from a place of trust instead of fear.

Her latest book, Life, Lies and Sex: A User’s Guide to Being in a Body, is an expose´ of the many lies we have been told for centuries and an examination of the true nature of reality with some suggestions on how we humans might most easily fit into it. Jennifer Hass, from Reader’s Views, says, “Ms. Heart offers a new perspective on feelings and beliefs.”

Note: This book is no Kama Sutra novel, and the author does not recommend having sex with your guru! Our culture encourages us to ignore our physical selves and glorify the rational brain out of proportion. Ms Heart explains that energy moving through our bodies is what makes us fully alive, whether it is expressed sexually or in one of a million other ways. We need to make friends with our bodies because they are an infinite source of wisdom. Although it’s not for everyone, sex can be a great way to make our bodies feel good.

Ms Heart is an experienced and delightful interviewee, eloquent both on the radio and in person, able to talk intelligently about a number of different subjects.  She can be contacted by email ( or by phone 707 513 6106. For more information go to

After a two year hiatus, Ms Heart has returned to public speaking, and has been on New Consciousness Review radio with Miriam Knight, (,

~ On Different Folks, Different Strokes with David Clark, (

~ On Journey into the Light with Michael Long, where she will be a regular guest. (

To make a booking, email or call 707 513 6106.


An unusual and adventurous woman, Ms. Heart believes that tolerating mediocrity is a sin. She is a kitesurfing instructor, a carpenter, a traveler, and a Minister of Holistic Healing, officiating at various ceremonies, as well as a prolific writer, producing articles and books on subjects as varied as shamanism and other spiritual subjects, lesbianism, orgasm, sports, and travel.

She grew up in Scotland where her bond with Nature enabled her to survive a dysfunctional childhood. Unable to support a society that was treating the Earth with such disrespect, she gave up a promising career as a biologist and became a hippie and a political activist. As a feminist in England in the seventies, when she came out as a lesbian, Ms Heart was involved in a militant underground campaign for women’s rights. The only woman to finish a seven month training in Agricultural Mechanics, she worked as a car mechanic for a number of years. Disillusioned with the depths of misogyny in the UK, she moved to the boonies of northern California, where she raised organic vegetables and was the first person in the USA to raise free-range hogs organically, selling to some of the best restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area. After spending years collecting second-hand lumber, she used it to build her house with her own hands.

She also began an odyssey of personal healing, which led to training with Angeles Arrien (via Caryn McCloskey, one of Angeles’ students), Brooke Medicine Eagle, and Dayana Jon who is the medium for large group of realized beings called AMAG. Ms. Heart has been studying the nature of reality with AMAG for more than twenty years. She started leading shamanic journeys in the eighties.

When she turned fifty, a series of remarkable experiences, which might be called spiritual awakenings, led her to sell her home and most of her possessions. She traveled around the world for several years, usually on her own in remote places. Her most memorable adventures include an eight day solo kayak trip in Prince William Sound, Alaska, and four weeks working on animal reserves in southern Africa. In 2007 she felt called to come back into the world and teach what she knows.

She took up kitesurfing because she wanted to do something that was not “useful,” since she felt that her incessant need to be useful was egotistically based. Ironically, she now feels that kitesurfing makes her so happy that it helps the world a great deal, since joy is always infectious.  It is an exquisite dance with water and wind, keeping her focused intensely in the present. She says, “So many of us have been trying to escape human form and attain enlightenment – whatever that means! When we choose to focus our light here on this amazing planet, we can really begin to understand and practice the concept of choice – not necessarily an easy thing.”

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In 2010 alone, Ms Heart had five pieces of writing published in different print venues, and four online. She has been a guest on the following radio shows:

Broad Perspectives on KXCI in Tucson with Susan Banes; Innerviews on KOOP in Austin with Abigail Mahnke; Queer Voices on KPFT with Jone Devlin in Houston; Blooming OUT radio on WFHB in Illinois with Helen Harrell and Sean Lemieux; the Mancow MorningShow with Chicago-based Mancow Muller; The Big Morning Show on KRDZ with Jim Bunner in Colorado; Women on the Path to Selfhood on KBOO in Portland with Crystal Leighty; Woman-Stirred Radio on WGDR in Vermont with Merry Gangemi; Outbeat Collage on KRCB in northern California with Gary Carnivele; X-Zonepodcasts with Rob McConnell; Conscious Discussions Radio with Lillian Brummet; The Awareness Initiative with Deborah Hill; Empowering yourself to be a better you, with Roland Hinds on TruVue Radio; and on CBS radio, WCCO in Minneapolis with TD Mischke.

After a hiatus of several years, Ms. Heart has returned to the interview circuit with her latest book (Life, Lies and Sex: A User’s Guide to Being in a Body). She has been on New Consciousness Review radio with Miriam Knight (,

with David Clark, on Different Folks, Different Strokes (

and Journey into the Light with Michael Long, where she is now a regular guest.. (

Her latest book is getting some rave reviews, see

To make a booking, email or call 707 513 6106.


Life, Lies, and Sex: A User’s Guide to Being in a Body is just outThis is a book about love: how to develop unconditional love every moment of the day in every aspect of your life. It is an expose´ of the many lies we have been told for centuries, and an examination of the true nature of reality with a view to how we humans might most easily fit into it.   Jean Slatter, author of Hiring the Heavens, says, “Mikaya Heart leaves no stone unturned as she explores what it means to live … in this human form. Sit back and enjoy as she takes you on a personal journey of life’s handbook where you are sure to find a message written just for you.”  ISBN 978-1482514407

My Sweet Wild Dance, which came out in September 2009 and won a Golden Crown Literary Award, is the story of Ms Heart’s personal journey from anger to joy. It’s about the dawning of self-awareness – that is, the long, sometimes agonizing, sometimes terrifying, and always remarkable process of growing up. It was described as “soul refreshment of the highest order” in Edge Magazine. ISBN: 978-160844-070-2.

With the Sun in My Eyes came out in 2008. The true story of Maria Raindancer, it describes in detail how shamanic healing works and how effective it can be. Maria is a psychic healer and shamanic practitioner from Seattle, whose incredible work arises out of her powerful, daily relationship with Spirit. This book is a great introduction to the concepts of shamanism – and it’s also a great adventure story. ISBN: 978-1502891440

When the Earth Moves: Women and Orgasm was first published in 1998 by Celestial Arts. In 2009 it was picked up by Cleis Press and re-released as The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women. It is an excellent and very readable examination of women’s amazing sexual potential. If you think your or other people’s sexual responses are weird, read this book, and you’ll begin to see that the concept of normality is a myth. ISBN 978-1573447119

The Straight Woman’s Guide to Lesbianism was published in 1994. It is a very useful book for women who think they might be lesbians, or for people who simply want to understand what it is like to be a lesbian. ISBN  978-0961512941

To make a booking, email or call 707 513 6106.

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