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Workshop on The Journey of Awakening  in Prescott, Arizona the weekend of the 15th and 16th of October, 2016. (11am to 4pm each day).$125.00 registration. Sliding scales available.  If you are interested, contact me.  or call 707 513 6106. See more info below on what the workshop entails.


There will be various shamanic journeys on the Big Island of Hawaii over the winter months. Shamanic journeys are normally (but not always) limited to 12 participants, and they last no longer than 3 hours — less if there are fewer participants. The normal charge is on a sliding scale of $15 to $40, but no one is turned away from lack of funds. No previous experience is necessary. Please bring pen and paper, and cushions or blankets to make yourself comfortable. Click here for more info on shamanic journeying.      

Workshops:Both the workshops below can be tailored to a day or a weekend.

The Journey of Awakening: Humanity is going through a huge spurt of evolution which we are calling by various names such as ascension, awakening, raising our vibration, or moving into the fourth dimension. I prefer to call it awakening because it is about waking up to the truth of who or what we humans really are: eternal, all-powerful, all-knowing beings of light and sound who exist beyond time, and have no experience of limits, pain, or fear.

Most of us imagine that this experience will be ecstatic and delightful. Well . . . no. It may be that eventually, but the process of adjustment to this new way of being can be difficult, because the physical, emotional and mental aspects of us – the limited human form — are freaking out.  Not many of us can quickly  change our belief systems as radically as is required to bring this new consciousness into manifestation, and so we are in conflict with ourselves . Many of the symptoms of awakening are strange physical reactions, such as extreme allergies, as the body becomes more and more sensitized; mental confusion and uncertainty as the electro-magnetic grid of the body changes and therefore our brains don’t function in the same way; emotional ups and downs as old stuff that we could at one time ignore comes up to be dealt with; and general anxiety as we expand our awareness and the nervous system therefore has to deal with a lot of new and strange input. Everything seems to be falling apart around us and we feel like we are going nuts.

This awakening changes the game irrevocably, making it impossible in the long run to take the present game seriously on any level. How therefore do we relate to people who are taking it seriously? It puts us outside the pale of “normal” humanity, and that could be a very lonely place. Yet, once this process has started it cannot be stopped. It would be more sensible to bite the bullet now instead of hanging onto the old paradigm by our fingernails until we are ripped away from it. And still  . . . it takes commitment and a lot of ongoing practice to switch to the utterly new perspective that is required.

In this workshop we will look at ways of making the process easier by replacing our old belief systems and affirming the truth of who we are. Ultimately we are required to operate in the world from a place of trust instead of fear. Come with an open heart and mind, prepared for a huge shift in your understanding of the nature of reality.

The Missing Pieces in the Art of Manifestation: Much of what has been written about the concept of manifestation is misleading.We need to be asking questions such as, who or what is doing the manifesting? Surely something manifested you before you were born, and made choices that dictated the kind of life you have led. How do we get in touch with that original source of creation? What was intended when it chose the character, the body and the environment into which you were born? And who does the choosing now that this human self thinks it is adult enough to make its own choices? The answers to those questions require adopting a very broad perspective on life in human form. That original source of creation doesn’t know time, pain, fear, anger, or frustration. It’s fascinated by the possibilities inherent in a life in limited physical form. It wants to experience everything, even things that we humans may find very unpleasant.

Appreciating and accepting the wisdom of that perspective doesn’t mean the human can’t make its own choices, but we must first satisfy all-that-we-are. Trying to avoid the destiny that all-that-we-are wants for us cannot work, and only tends to prolong unpleasant situations. What we resist persists. Therefore, the skill of being fully present for an unpleasant experience is an essential aspect of the art of being human, enabling us to move on quickly to something preferable.

Acknowledging and trusting in the source of creation helps us to become aware of what we really want. Many people, when they first think about it, will say they want more money. Money is only a tool. Once the basics are met, we can move beyond the concept of financial welfare to something much more profound.

And then we must learn to communicate with Source, which is about allowing ourselves to feel the joy of having what we want even though we don’t yet have it. When we allow the energy of a desire to flow through our bodies, so that we jump for joy and laugh out loud — then we are really on our way to fulfilling our desires, and we can bypass the limiting mental beliefs that block that fulfillment. But this is easier said than done.

In this workshop we will practice getting in touch with the Source of creation, embracing and affirming our desires instead of denying them. This is about recognizing and honoring flows of energy through the body. Come with an open mind and heart, and be willing to let go of the standard human beliefs about limitation.


I love to design and lead ceremonies of  different kinds. I intend to be traveling up and down the West Coast of the US at least once and probably twice a year from now on. If you would like a shamanic journey or a workshop to happen in your area, find a venue (a space big enough for a dozen people to sit is fine) and we will coordinate on a date. You can always contact me for more info on what I do.

To schedule an appearance relating to The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women, please contact www.startmidnight.com  Mikaya enjoys facilitating discussions about the importance of sex as a playground for learning about energy flows and about how to be fully alive.


Mikaya has been a guest on several radio shows which are available on the Internet. A few of these are:

~New Consciousness Review radio with Miriam Knight, (http://www.ncreview.com/interviews/life-love-sex-and-kundalini?),

~ On Different Folks, Different Strokes with David Clark, (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/authordavidclarke/2014/11/15/live-in-a-state-of-unconditional-love-with-mikaya-heart)

~ On Journey into the Light with Michael Long, where she will be a regular guest. (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/journeyintothelight/2014/11/26/mikaya-heart-coach-in-art-of-being-fully-alive)

~A discussion with Donna, Brooke, and Siobhan on the concept of vulnerability, on the Attitude Shift Show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/the-broke-wives-club/2011/10/20/the-attitude-shift-feeling-vulnerable-1-

~A discussion about orgasm on ‘The Daily Affair’ with Stacey Nelkin: http://www.thedailyaffair.com/?s=Mikaya+Heart

Other shows include SexwithEmily.com, bethelight.com, and ladyrerun.com, Clean Love, with Wendy (goodcleanlove.com), with Audrey Chapman (audreychapman.com), and with Alan Roger Currie (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/modeone). The latter is the world’s number one dating and relationships radio show.

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