These are examples of four workshops I offer. If you are interested in hosting one, please contact me.

1. Accessing the Vastness of Being through shamanic journeying (2 or 3 hours)
I regularly lead shamanic journeys which help people to expand their concepts of reality. Please contact me if you would like to participate. I am always looking for spaces to lead journeys; it requires being able to sound the drum for twenty minutes, and have enough room for a dozen or so people to lie or sit. However I am usually happy to do a journey for as few as four people.
The workshop begins with an explanation of the process and how it originated. I follow with an invocation to call in various energies to assist in our work, and facilitate the likelihood of meeting with helpful guides. I move into a brief guided visualization which takes participants to a place from which they can move directly into the journey on their own. Finally, I sound the drum with a fast beat. This lasts for twenty minutes, and during that time, participants will be lying or sitting. At the end of the journey, you may write down what occurred. I encourage people to talk about their experiences but there is no necessity to do so.
I ask experienced journeyers to come with a specific intention, which could be visiting a particular place, or asking for information. Less experienced people can simply have the intention of experiencing a journey, or meeting with a guide. If you have a question, you may ask for answers from any of the beings you meet on the journey.

“I have been on several journeys led by Mikaya and each one has been deeply useful, very moving and very centering. To say I am grateful for the insights I gained from the journeys is an understatement; they have impacted my life immensely and changed me in subtle, profound, and wonderful ways.”
Lisa Marie Porter, Texas.

2. Accessing Bliss (this workshop is specifically related to my book, The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm for Women.) (2 or 3 hours)
Every woman has the ability to allow energy to move through her, and this can be experienced as orgasmic. Orgasm is a flow of energy which can be powerful enough to carry us into a state of ecstasy far removed from our rational day-to-day persona. It is an experience our culture and our rational minds don’t always approve of. In this workshop we will look at ways of enhancing the experience of orgasm, with a guided visualization helping to address some of the issues that can prevent us from giving free rein to our sexual desire. Questions are encouraged, and can be asked anonymously. Participants will learn to:

– Listen to the body’s messages and tune into its wisdom
– Become comfortable with the sensation of energy flowing through the body
– Stay present in our bodies, in order to recognize where we are allowing energy to flow and where we are blocking it
-Identify the build-up and release of sexual energy
– Look at how our cultural training limits us, and consciously decide whether we want to live more expansively.
– Sidestep the clamoring of the rational mind

3. Experiencing Bliss in Our Daily Lives (3 or 4 hours)
This is for people who want to expand their perceptions of reality to embrace ecstasy on a daily basis, not just the bedroom. This workshop will be similar to the above, but include a shamanic journey, which enables a much greater understanding of what our existence is about and what is possible. Sex is one of the easiest ways for people to learn how to let energy move through us, which is an essential aspect of the art of being in human form.

4. Being in Brilliance
This two-day workshop is about being learning how to be exactly who we are in the world. Almost all of us, especially women, have been taught to hide our light under a bushel. As Marianne Williamson wrote, “our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” It is time now for us to step into our power and stop playing small. We need to learn to shine in the fullness of our glory. When we truly recognize who we are, the ego falls away, unable to tolerate the light. This workshop is not an intellectual exercise; it involves several experiential practices in identifying the false self that plays small, moving beyond it, and emerging into the light.

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