These are examples of workshops I am presently offering. If you are interested in hosting one, please contact me.

  1. Expanding awareness: Being the Light that-you-are

Are you negatively affected by electro-magnetic frequencies?  Are you suffering from allergies or auto-immune diseases? Are you very emotional and “over” sensitive? Or do you just feel like you are standing on shaky ground right now and everything seems to be really tricky?

Well, join the gang. This is often referred to as Awakening, or Ascension; it is a totally new paradigm. We are in the Time of the Great Change, when we must follow our own inner wisdom, trusting in what we individually know to be true, no matter what anyone else is saying. That is often easier said than done, since many humans walk around in a fog of lies and uncertainty.  The good news is the end of this process will be a much more harmonious world, and meanwhile we can all learn to be in sync with the massive shift that is occurring. This workshop will teach you how to adjust your personal electro-magnetic grid (that is you) so that you maintain your own integrity without being harmed by external frequencies, whilst at the same time making moment to moment adjustments that keep your grid aligned with the planet’s grid.

You must be willing to entertain the possibility that we are magnificent beings of consciousness choosing to manifest in human form right now. We are very powerful creators, and we are in charge of creating these physical forms we inhabit. There is no place for opposition in the new paradigm, so you will have to give up all forms of fighting, whether it is for or against something. You can and must set your own preferences for yourself but otherwise there is only acceptance and allowing, no blame or guilt.

I will be leading guided visualizations that take participants to the dimensions where we exist prior to the actual act of incarnation, where we are designing our lives on Planet Earth and deciding exactly what it is we want to do. We are designing the bodies that we now inhabit, which are electro-magnetic grids. Once we learn how to go to those dimensions, we can alter our electro-magnetic grids to be inviolate to external influences if we so desire, or to shift and change in different ways.

We will meet for 3 hours once a week for four weeks, starting 1/24. In between meetings you will have exercises to do. All this can be done on-line, but some or all of us can also meet in physical reality if it works out that way. We will have a forum where you are encouraged to post. This work requires redefining the reality that is accepted by most humans, and so it is a daily exercise in thinking new thoughts, doing new things, being a new person. That is a serious commitment (although we can and will make it playful), and it helps greatly to have constant interaction with others on the same path.

2. Accessing the Vastness of Being through journeys of consciousness (2 or 3 hours)
I regularly lead journeys which help people to expand their concepts of reality. Please contact me if you would like to participate. I am always looking for spaces to lead journeys; it requires being able to sound the drum for twenty minutes, and have enough room for a dozen or so people to lie or sit. However I am usually happy to do a journey for as few as four people.
The workshop begins with an explanation of the process and how it originated. I follow with an invocation to call in various energies to assist in our work, and facilitate the likelihood of meeting with helpful guides. I move into a brief guided visualization which takes participants to a place from which they can move directly into the journey on their own. Finally, I sound the drum with a fast beat. This lasts for twenty minutes, and during that time, participants will be lying or sitting. At the end of the journey, you may write down what occurred. I encourage people to talk about their experiences but there is no necessity to do so.
I ask experienced journeyers to come with a specific intention, which could be visiting a particular place, or asking for information. Less experienced people can simply have the intention of experiencing a journey, or meeting with a guide. If you have a question, you may ask for answers from any of the beings you meet on the journey.

“I have been on several journeys led by Mikaya and each one has been deeply useful, very moving and very centering. To say I am grateful for the insights I gained from the journeys is an understatement; they have impacted my life immensely and changed me in subtle, profound, and wonderful ways.”
Lisa Marie Porter, Texas.

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