Being Fully Alive

The Art of Being Fully Alive:

I could not say I believe. I know! I have had the experience of being gripped by something that is stronger than myself, something that people call God.
Carl Jung

One of the key components of this work is shamanic journeying, so please visit that page now unless you already have a grasp on what I mean by journeying.

In order to be in full alignment with all-that-is (all-that-we-are), it is necessary to be motivated by trust rather than fear. I can help my clients to do this by teaching them to:

  1. get in touch with non-physical guides who can always be there for them, so that they know they are always supported and assisted.
  2. establish a safe place where they can go when they need to meet with their guides and re-affirm their courage.
  3. identify and follow their heart’s desire
  4. develop an ongoing awareness of the vastness of being and the existence of many other realms of being, and beings.
  5. find ways to access their inner wisdom (get information and answers to questions).
  6. understand their unique-ness and the importance of being.
  7. visit other lives that they have led (are leading or will lead) on this planet, which can help to clarify the lessons and skills of this life.
  8. let go of fears and judgments that are holding them back from realizing their full potential in this life.
  9. acknowledge the magnificence of that which we truly are and why we have chosen to manifest in physical form.
  10. understand how duality limits us, and how we can experience being-ness beyond duality, knowing the true meaning of the words love, peace, and joy.

Taking responsibility is an inevitable result of studying the art of being alive in depth. When you take responsibility for yourself, the ability to choose falls into place.

When people first hear the phrase, the art of being alive, they usually laugh, saying, “Well, we all know how to do that!”

Do we? We can all wield a paint brush. Does that mean we are skilled in the art of painting? Doesn’t it often take years of very specific training before someone can produce a beautiful picture?

I want to teach you how to be so skillfully and beautifully alive that the picture you create moves all who see it. I’m not telling you how to make more money, I won’t help you to avoid getting old, I’m not offering beauty tips (although I will teach you how to let your inner beauty shine through), and I have no advice on how to boost an ailing relationship. There is nothing wrong with desiring any of those, they’re just not my expertise. My intention is to teach you how to live harmoniously and intentionally from a place of truth and integrity. I want to teach you how to get in touch with who you are, how to be more fully human, how to be present for all that life has to offer you, how to implement positive choices, how to tap into the boundless energy of all-that-you-are. I want to teach you how to live in the moment, how to be motivated by trust instead of fear, how to be who you are without reservation or apology.

My desire is that I will inspire you to know the vastness of your being. If I succeed, you will feel your feelings so intensely that you will have to find ways of expressing them. You will know the true meaning of the word love, even when there is no one individual being the recipient of your love. You will step into your personal power, being independent, strong, proud, and humble. At the same time, you will be vulnerable, truthful, real, and sometimes foolish, doing everything with a full heart. You will know you are never alone, and at the same time you may feel isolated. The word security will have no meaning. All your doing will arise from being. You will turn to your heart for guidance, and you will recognize what is right by the sensation in your body. You will know compassion, and the sense of one-ness that is part of that, without any egotistical motivation. This doesn’t mean you will be fearless and happy. Sometimes you will be uncertain and sad.

Committing to this kind of study takes courage. You have to tell the truth. You have to be willing to give up the external image of yourself that you have been living with. You have to take full responsibility for your life and for everything that happens to you. You have to let go of your judgments. You have to learn to trust in all-that-is.

We will both make mistakes. That’s good. We will both laugh and cry and have another go. That’s how it’s meant to be.

This study is ongoing.  Once begun, it never ends.

When you’re ready to start, email me.

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